Mary Ann Castronovo Fusco

Other Publications

Albany Times Union
Insightful essay on predatory alienation calls for legal action.

In Service to the Grunts — The Case for Father Capodanno’s Canonization

Italian America
A US Navy chaplain who gave his life in service to the Marines during the Vietnam War, Fr. Vincent Capodanno of Staten Island, NY, is now a candidate for sainthood.
ICON: The Magazine of the American Society of Interior Designers
Find out why it’s now chic—and sustainable—to put clay on your walls in this interview with architect Matteo Brioni of Italy.

Sage Advice on Thanksgiving Recipes with Sage

New Jersey Newsroom
Traditionally used in turkey stuffing recipes, fresh sage imparts full-bodied fragrance and flavor when tucked under the skin of any bird, or even placed atop pork or veal.
Leite’s Culinaria
Low in cost and high in nutritional value, versatile and sustainable, sardines are making a splash on the American dining scene. Learn how to give them expert Mediterranean treatment.

Batter’s Up—in the Kitchen

New Jersey Newsroom
How to make sweet and savory fritters without frittering away a lot of time.

Constructing and Deconstructing the Sicilian Carretto

Carriage Journal
Contemporary collectors appreciate the multilayered history of an iconic symbol of Sicily.

Il Carretto Siciliano

Sicilian artisans turn humble carts into traveling exhibits of art and culture.