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How Sculptor Vincenzo Amato Carved Out Two Successful Careers (online article)
– or – download PDF
The Italian-born artist/actor says his first visit to New Jersey changed everything.


Retiree Enjoys Career ‘Encore’ as Beatles Scholar (online article)
– or – download PDF
Vinnie Bruno, 65, has become a rock star in his own right, giving lectures on the Beatles and other 1960s music acts around the country.


Sister on the Run (online article)
– or – download PDF
Going the distance for the world’s disadvantaged kids.


When It Comes to Travel, Steve Perillo is a Tour de Force (online article)
– or – download PDF
Steve Perillo keeps the family travel business humming while navigating his own road as a respected composer.


Talking Cuisines and Cultures with Fabio Parasecoli (online article)
– or – download PDF
The noted scholar Fabio Parasecoli reflects on his Roman roots, his travels and on Italian-American cooking.




Art Appreciation at One River School in Englewood (online article)
– or – download PDF
At One River School of Art + Design, kids are learning the importance of having art in their lives.




Hats On at Solène in Teaneck (online article)
– or – download PDF
Teaneck milliner applies his creative touch to a family tradition.



  Alexander Hamilton Was Here and Here And… (online article)
– or – download PDF
History is happening in New Jersey, and we just happen to be in the greatest state in the world.

  Hidden Jersey: Shopping (online article)
– or – download PDF
Find plenty of cool, obscure stuff at these lesser known shopping hideaways.

  Table Stakes: Hudson Table’s Allen Bari (online article)
– or – download PDF
Allen Bari knows his way around tables—including the green felt kind.

  Making Chalk Talk (online article) – or – download PDF
With her handsome handwriting and collection of carefully curated quotes, Jane Wenger beautifies restaurant chalkboards.

  Smells Worth Handing Down (online article) – or – download PDF
Chef: Luca Valerin, Osteria Giotto, Montclair; Mamma: Graziella Varotto, Castel d’Aiano, Emilia-Romagna, Italy; Nonna: Esterina Schiavon, Padua, Veneto, Italy

  Miracle Cure (online article) – or – download PDF
Letting air and nature do most of the work, Salumeria Biellese in Hackensack produces acclaimed sausages and hams just like in the Old Country.

  Backyard Bounty (online article) – or – download PDF
Tending his fruit and vegetable garden, the author’s 90-year-old father—a locavore before the term existed—keeps old country ways alive.

Stepping On the Tongue of the Boot (online article) – or – download PDF
A tongue-in-cheek tongue lashing of restaurants that mangle the Italian language:

  Parrot Paradise (online article) – or – download PDF
A bird's eye view of life in Edgewater for a colony of monk parakeets

  Scoring With Lombardi Play (online article) – or – download PDF
Profile of NJ native and former Anheuser-Busch marketing exec Tony Ponturo, producer of Broadway's Lombardi

  “Lady of the House” (New Jersey Monthly web exclusive). A Q & A with Susan Ungaro, president of the James Beard Foundation.
Or, download article PDF.

  “A Young Chef in the Old Country” (New Jersey Monthly online). A Jersey student travels to Italy and learns to cook authentic Italian.
Or, download article PDF.

  “So Long, ‘Stringent’ Process” (New Jersey Monthly online). Looking back on Gourmet magazine with Ruth Cousineau, former test kitchen director.
Or, download article PDF.


"The Barkeep's Barkeep" (New Jersey Monthly online)  Ray Foley’s recipe for success runs from punch to punch lines.
Or, download article PDF.


"Slow Food for Fast Tiimes" (New Jersey Monthly online) takes a local look at a global movement.
Or, download article PDF.


"25 Best Restaurants 2009" (New Jersey Monthly online) Read about the Garden State's top restaurants.
Or, download article PDF.


Jersey's Bumper Acropolis (New Jersey Monthly online)
  A boom in ambitious new restaurants takes Greek cuisine beyond moussaka and gyro.
Or, download article PDF.



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