Mary Ann Castronovo Fusco


Presentations on food, writing, and Italian culture for schools, libraries, and other organizations include:

The Art of the Sicilian Carretto

Read Mary Ann’s articles on this subject in Carriage Journal and Ambassador.

Fasts and Feasts for Advent and Lent

Learn about savory meatless dishes and delectable sweets from a variety of cultures.

The Evolution of Italian Cooking

Explore how and why Italian cooking has changed over the centuries.
Read Mary Ann’s Articles on  Italian cured ham and dining alla parmigiana.

Year-End Holiday Food

From Halloween pumpkins and Thanksgiving cranberries to Hannukah and Christmas treats and a host of “lucky” foods for the New Year, holiday time is a feast for the senses. Read about the Italian-American seven fishes dinner.

How To “Read” Michelangelo’s Rome Pietà

Learn the Renaissance history and legends behind one of the world’s most beloved works of art.

Techniques for Better Business Writing


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