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Did anyone ever tell you a story that didn’t come from a book? Pippinu and the Prince of Palermo is my retelling of a Sicilian folktale that I often heard as a child. Yet I never came across the story among any of the fairy tales I read growing up in the United States or in any of my Italian textbooks.

It wasn’t until I was an adult on a research assignment at the Italian Cultural Institute in New York City that I found it in a 20-volumne collection of Sicilian foklore by Guiseppe Pitrè, a physician who transcribed the stories he heard from his patients in the late 19th century. When I saw the story that I knew by heart in print for the first time, it inspired me to retell it for a new generation of readers.

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As a co-author, contributor, and copy-editor, I’ve worked on the following titles. Drop me a line if you’d like to discuss how I can help you realize your own publishing projects.

The Leaders We Need

A deft exploration of the risks, rewards, and importance of being a leader—and a follower—in any organization of any size (Personal Strengths Publishing, 2018).

Mary Ann Castronovo Fusco[’s] skillful copy edits…went beyond corrections to make the book more clear, concise, and compelling. —Tim Scudder
Italian-American Writers

Filled with passion, humor, and grace, this anthology gathers fiction, poetry, memoirs, oral histories, and journalistic pieces by some of the best chroniclers of the Italian American experience in the Garden State (Rutgers University Press, 2003).

Read Mary Ann’s contribution: Jersey Tomato Wars

Measure of Success cover

The Measures of Success delivers comprehensive advice on selecting and managing performance measurements in such critical areas as profitability, productivity, and cost (Wiley, 1995).

Mary Ann Castronovo Fusco took the jargon and formality that I find natural out of the manuscript and made it into a book that could appeal to anyone, without losing the rigor the subject requires. —Carl G. Thor

What makes an organization extraordinary? The +10% Principle presents simple but powerful techniques and insights on how to boost individual and organizational performance (Pfeiffer, 1993).


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